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We multiply our happiness by sharing.


“School on wheel” and Meals on Wheel”, A project that deeply impact children on the streets of Valsaravakkam in Chennai. A fully equipped bus travels to the selected slums with mid-day meals and basic learning kits from Monday to Friday, on an average of 120 Children from age 4 to 10 are taught basic Math, Tamil and English. They are also given counseling and necessary medical assistances. Awareness programs on hygiene, good habits and other constructive programs are administered to help these sectors.


On Every Tuesday the women gather to discuss on the affairs of the following weeks, and also they pray for the locality, nation and interceding for other prayer requests.


Child care is another project extending to taking care of infants to children upto 8 years from 7 am to 8 pm.


“Don’t wait for opportunity, create it – George Bernard Shaw

In July 2004 a young boy Rajshekar was the first adopted child of our shelter home. Followed by the tsunami in December, lots of families were handicapped in uyalikuppam, a small town in kalpakkam. Our ministry facilitated some tasks and stayed for over 6 Months to help the homeless. The compassion ministry created an opportunity to start up a shelter home under the banner Charis Foundation. We secure a campus atmosphere for education and equipping the children to get back to the normal lifestyle of the society. We have been sheltering around 40 children currently, who has been attending English medium and Tamil medium schools.


The Youth wing of NICOG has active participation in organizing charity works, outreach programs and various other initiatives in the church. The following are the main that’s concentrated lately.

  1. “Waste Transformed”—Initiative where household waste is recycled.
  2. Supplying clothing to the leprosy colony.
  3. Financial aid to the people who are physically challenged.

We the youth are pursuing a facelift with the existing resources and we invite you to partner with us in your free time.


Knowledge is power and through the ministry of bible study we are educating people on the political, social and biblical scenario of the bible time. The book of Acts was taught by the length and breadth in 2016-2017 and the following years the gospels were concentrated. The time line of history is clearly portrayed so we can be cleaner of our present time and also to decode the future events from the bible. The sessions also discusses on fulfillment of biblical prophecies.


The men gather on every Saturday at church and intercede for the local issue in the state and the nation. The Fellowship also supervises the progress and changes that needs to be administered to any sector in the body of Christ. To levy and to build, this ministry has encouraged a lot of young men to brotherhood. We also have English breakfast on these Saturdays.


Prayer is the essence of our lifestyle in Christ. Timely fasting prayers are conducted in our church for the growth of the body of Christ. Message on the end times, the teaching of the letters of Paul are some of them. Various ministry oriented servants in the body of Christ, share their testimonies and messages that are encouraging and enriching the ower of endurance of many prominent evangelists, prophets and apostles have been very influential through fasting and special prayer meetings.

           Family centered and teenage ministry is also attended with entrust care. There’s counselling and this ministry helps in genuinely impacting many personal issues.

           Cottage meeting on every second Saturday is another ingredient of this fellowship in a different setting. This meeting helps to strengthen family and build unity of the brotherhood. Since we are a multilingual church, this platform has narrowed down so many difference of space and relativity.


Every Sunday evening at 7:30 PM, the youth gather and each youth is assigned beforehand a chance to speak on a series of a topic. This has been helping the youth in the grooming and conquering the fear of sharing the gospel. The understanding of each one’s talent gets a face lift here. The gifts of the holy sprits with the fruit of the holy spirit is mainly the culture Christ expected us from time to time. This meeting in all terms have been equipping and reinforcing changing in a large way.

Are you inspired by our societal outlook? Let's join hands for a better tomorrow.

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