NICOG Chennai is a branch church under the patronage of Pr. Thomas Mathew (Silas). A visionary, he ignited new vessels of passion to reach the unreached the mandate given to the generation to impact the mandate given to the generation is to impact cities and nation through the understanding of how the kingdom of god operates. The toil in the land of Chennai for all these projects began 18 years ago. The laboring has been availing much and the progress favorable for reaching many under privileged and also improving condition of lifestyle of the people in and around the missionary field. The power of partnership with other local churches around the vicinity is non-denominational and aimed to training and experience Christ in our life. To be a catalyst for tomorrow.

We the family of NICOG have rooms in our house, we greet you to come and be a part of these opportunities to give back to the society to the world tomorrow.


New India Church of God is founded by Pastor V.A Thampy and Pastor R. Abraham in 1976, At Chinagavanam in Kottayam District, Kerala. The Apostolic calling of these patrons birthed 3469 churches in 22 States in India. The primary focus is sharing God’s love and the gospel through various faculties. NICOG has been undertaking so many projects to help the various sectors of the society through vocational training schools, elementary schools, orphanages and refuges homes. Other high priority is raising missionaries who could go out to the end of the world. 

To raise disciples of Christ and to disciple others for Christ. 

Silas Mathew
Senior Pastor
P.T. Sudheer
Associate Pastor
Bro.George Mathew

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